The Studio is purpose built and is equipped with modern state of the art technology , and is designed to cover all your recording needs. The  Studio consist’s of two rooms. The Control room ideal for accurate monitoring and mix-down, and a live room perfect for recording drums, Vocals, guitars,etc.
We have a vast library of virtual instruments complimented by a comprehensive range of outboard gear and a fine selection of guitars and other instruments making it possible to do literally anything!
For bands and songwriters, we are willing to offer low cost development deals whereby we will collaborate with you creatively to  further develop your music to a high commercial standard whether it’s one song or a whole album.
Development deals vary dramatically depending on the level of AOM's creative involvement.  
Artist Management
This area is headed up by Dee Hellier who is currently manageing Axel Jansson
Combining a wealth of experience and expertise, together with the most up-to-date technology available, AOM is able to produce 
all styles of music, adding the flare and innovation necessary to take your music to the next level.
We specialise in producing customised recordings for any purpose as well as full music composition, and arrangement services. We’ve performed and produced countless recordings for songwriters both from demos to commercial recordings in most genres.
For this specialist area  AOM has access to a team of some of the finest musicians and composers in the  industry.
Our team has a thorough understanding of these industries, communicating with Directors, Producers and creative personnel to identify and execute the film makers vision.
The Music Doctor can offer two services.
1.Fix the mix.  If you’ve got an existing recording that simply doesn’t cut it, surgery is always open.
2.For those who have a melody or idea but don’t know how to realise it, the doctor will work with you to open up your hidden talents.